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A cosmic funk railroad journey through sight and sound. We are your kinetic conductors on this vessel embarking towards the Planetary Circus Kingdom. Swindle your tickets, hop on, and enjoy!
PCK is the first manifestation of the universe post big-bang. Planetary pushes efforts toward achieving a center, representing the archetypal elements and rhythms of nature. Circus is the harmonic ornamentation, joy, fun, and beauty in life. Kingdom creates a foundation upon which the funky creations and pulse cultivating the atmosphere lay, and facilitates the gravitation towards Planetary Circus Nation. Every member thoroughly enjoys creating art in various forms. Their music is a collection of compositions which incorporate various modern genres and stylistic techniques. They label it ‘Mutt’. PCK happens to be one of those rare bands that truly has an original sound and style. They gel, work, get along, produce, refine.. it's all there. PCK aims to create a collective resonant experience to engender passion and synergy within all involved. They all started playing music for different reasons, in different situations, but create and perform music for the same purpose. Sharing their love for music is a means to an end. In this, they hope to inspire within others their own innate creativity. PCK has the inertia of no other project you've ever experienced. The name Planetary Circus Kingdom was birthed during one Summer day while landscaping nature. Louis, Erik & Wayne were all sitting in a beat up old red van on lunch break. Erik thought it would be fun to have each band member write a word to describe themselves privately on a napkin. Louis messed up because he asked how to spell Planetary and ruined the surprise. For Planetary Circus Kingdom, music is a way of life; the universal language representing communication in it’s purest form. Louis Johnson (Planetary) grew up with Erik Richard (Circus) and Wayne Sherman (Kingdom) in their collective hometown Lakeville, MA. They've all worked together, lived communally together, and been creating music since they were adolescents. Erik started on piano, then voice, followed by: drum machine, beatbox, guitar, turn-tables, didgeridoo, drums, trombone, trumpet, violin, and rapping. Erik’s past projects include VIVE, Fluid Gene, Silly Squad, KCP, and Zac Galen. Louis is also a talented artist, birthing beautiful abstract paintings and PCK-based designs for sale at any event or online. Numerous PCK abstract and spirit animal-based t-shirts and other merchandise have and will continue to be sold. At 19 years old, he has been playing bass, drums and whatever else will sound good for 10 years. He also raps. Louis’ past projects include Chronic Dream, Black Stone Sky, Slave Cylinder, Friday Night Ghost, Fluid Gene, KCP, and Toadstool. Wayne lives for the groove. He’s been playing drums for about 16 years; as well as bass, guitar, and MPC’s for three years. He also plays the euphonium, trumpet, and xylophone/marimba. Wayne has a love for graffiti, intense hacky sack, and connecting with mother nature. His past projects include Glibness, Fluid Gene, Silly Squad, KCP, The Brothers Primordial, Neutral Prophet, Toadstool, and Booga Shuga.


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