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Stemming from the city of Philadelphia, Ode to Omni is a contemporary collective lead by Marcus Myers in collaboration with 16 artists. Unlike a traditional music group, OTO is a transformative project that continuously incorporates new instrumentation, sounds, and genre types. The result is a blend of music that appeals to various tastes but carries a continual concept and drive. During the fall of 2011, Marcus Myers endured an injury that caused him a hiatus from playing music. This period, as Myers recalls, was a period of both pain and growth. During time away from his instrument, Myers composed through reflection, maturing, and enlightenment. As an outcome of personal development and a devotion to omnipresence (God), Ode to Omni was assembled. With unique backgrounds of training, experience, and musicality from the artists under OTO, the collective builds a powerful message of inspiration and spiritual growth. The project is driven by the significance of self-reflection, challenge, and the joy that can allow listeners to connect to something beyond musical notes. Artists on the project for October’s Fire include: Alex Ayala (Piano), AJ Luca (Piano), David Hardy (Organ), Andrew Nittolli (Glockenspiel), John Smith (Bass), Micah Jones (Bass), Andy Bree (Guitar), Josh Nussbaum (Guitar), Clay Stiles (Bass), Rick Rein (Trumpet), Joe Anderson (Trumpet), Brian Blaker (Tenor Saxophone), Matt Fischer (Trombone), Alita Moses (Vocals), Missy Danielle (Vocals), Robert Michael (Engineer), and Marcus Myers (Percussion).


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